Ocean controls the initiation of cloud feedbacks and thereby the rate of global warming

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Climate sensitivity, the degree of warming for a given increase in atmospheric CO2, is an interesting measure that relates directly to the available carbon budget in regards to the Paris Agreement. However, model results have shown a large spread in climate sensitivity which has puzzled scientists especially after the last round of model experiments in support of the new IPCC report on climate change showed an increase in the simulated climate sensitivity.

WP8: Coordination of KeyCLIM

Michael Schulz (MET), Mats Bentsen (NORCE)

WP8 aims to optimize KeyCLIM workflow and communication and foster work across Earth system disciplines.

1. Communicate efficiently with the broader climate science community in Norway and internationally.

2. Initiate outreach activities for climate services, public and policy makers based on KeyCLIM science findings.

3. Coordinate project meetings, finances and reporting.